Gowoonsesang Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm

Monday, August 9, 2010

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While I was in Taiwan with Hubby, I was on a mission to find a great BB cream for myself. I heard about the "Gowoonsesang (Dr. G) Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm"...So, I figured I'd make Hubby drive me on the moped to the nearest Sasa in Taoyuan. [:

I then managed to find it upstairs. The lady working there was really nice and asked if I needed any information etc. on BB creams...but NOPE...I knew EXACTLY what I wanted teehee. 

I honestly think shop owners etc. are either weary about me stealing merchandise or something, because I'm "American"...or they just think I have A LOT of money and want me to BUY, BUY, BUY...which I was planning on shopping my brains out anyway DUH! haha.

Anyway, BB creams are not commonly found in the U.S. Therefore, since they're such an "Asian thing", they are generally made for Asian skin types and the wants/needs that come along with them. 

Therefore, I definitely had to compile my own list of wants/needs. Which is pretty much as follows:

1. Must be hydrating, but not oily. My skin is dry and likes to flake. However, it does get oily still. Pffft. Such a problem child! haha.
2. Mustn't be so whitening! I am naturally white enough. However, I do have a yellow undertone to my skin (awkwardly enough). SO, I was lucky that colors of Asian makeups do match my skin. 
3. The color and consistency had to be blend-able and match my skin (that's a given). Like A LOT of BB creams, the color goes on REALLY light. However, this one seems to, with time, blend to match your skin rather well. However, I do still recommend this to those with lighter skin tones, because the more layers you put on, the lighter it seems to become.

So, I camwhore with product just for proof that I do own and use it I guess? haha. Sorry. Beware of awkward faces and weird, pushed-back mullet-like hair?

I didn't realize my hair was still so awkward like that. I had originally pushed it back so I could wash my face without it becoming soaked. WTF. haha

Anyway, the product lightens your skin a little like this. Then it blends and covers very nicely.

What I like most about this product: It doesn't upset the balance of my skin, causing breakouts or anything. It is also a very nice liquid, but seems to mattify nicely, giving a dew-y but fresh look. 

If after reading my post about such a GREAT BB CREAM, I'm sure all the females' mouths are watering, no? So you must be wondering where and how much, right? (probably not, because I'm really not so convincing, but just play along for my sanity and happiness). Well...

I'm not sure how much I payed for it. However, I was nice enough to look it up on the Sasa website and it is currently selling for $32 USD. If you wish to purchase it, click the "Sasa Website" link above. [: Ah I'm so helpful...

Ok byezzzzz.

PS. Sorry about my absence. That is because I had the dreaded duh duh duh duh ....WEESDUMMM TEEF EXTRACTION!  There will probably be a post about that in the near future...depends on how confident I am with showing everyone those photos...

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