About Coco

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Born: January 3, 1991
Heritage: German/Native American?
Home Country: U.S.A.

Color(s): Pink and yellow (pastels)
Bands: Dir en Grey, 大嘴巴(DA Mouth)
Recording Artist (male): 清春
Recording Artist (female): 이효리, 張惠妹(Amei)

Drink(s): Water, boba(not milk tea kind though!), QQ passionfruit grass jelly drink, ROSE TEA!
                                                                                     Makeup Brand: TooFaced, Majolica Majorca, Urban Decay
Skincare Brand(s): Origins, Nature's Gate, Queen Helene, Jason
Perfume: Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Hair Product Brand(s): Essential, Bene, Nature's Gate, Jason
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