Mascara of The Moment: SANA Extra Long Mascara

Monday, August 2, 2010

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If you know me, you would know that I am very picky when it comes to mascaras and eyeliners. However, upon being introduced to the mascara market in Taiwan, I was VERY impressed with what I tried. The first of the mascaras I tried was the "Extra Long Mascara" by the Japanese brand Sana. It's very nice and definitely held up in the smoldering Taiwan heat!

(ads etc. I found via google since I threw away the always... >.<)

Nonetheless, here are a few photos of the actual mascara container so you can judge the size and whatnot.

Overall the container that the mascara is contained in is rather large. Like usual, the Japanese provide us with great quality cosmetics. [:

...and I camwhore...How many takes can we get on the same pose? haha
Check out the pretty, fresh black color. <3

...and here are a bunch of photos with ZERO PHOTOSHOP for you to be jealous of my huge-normous eyelashes bahaha. Honestly, I have extremely long eyelashes, always have. However, this mascara still does impress me. I'm not sure how much longer it actually makes my eyelashes. However, it definitely does make them more bold and has tremendous staying power.

Ok so here is this mascara's rating breakdown on the Coco Scale.

Lengthening: 6/10 - Only because I cannot see a big difference with my Godzilla-sized lashes haha
Thickening: 7/10 - It makes a noticeable difference in thickness. However, it keeps them looking rather natural, which is sometimes nice.
Pigmentation/Color: 10/10 - Noticeably makes lashes stand out with a clearer, darker color. What's there to complain about? haha.
Staying Power: 9/10 - Rarely flakes. If it does, it only seems to be once or twice throughout the entire day, which is more than I can say for most mascaras that I've tried. To me, most other mascaras seem like flake city!
Consistency (clumpy, runny, etc.): 9/10 - It has a very nice consistency that seems to cling to lashes well, yet rarely clumps. It seems to last months without going all nasty too.
Value for your $: 9/10 - Usually this mascara goes for $12-$17 USD, I believe? I don't remember how much I actually paid for it, because while in Taiwan, I rarely looked at prices /: haha. Ooh I actually just checked, and it's going for $13.90 on the US Sasa site [:

Overall, I'd definitely rate this product as a must buy.<3

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Coco Tai said...

@Qiuting Thank you. It's always great to be hated for something, no? haha but I really don't know why my lashes are so long. I honestly had long lashes since the moment I was born. However, one time in cheerleading I got elbowed in the face and some got knocked out. Perhaps that's what I get for having them? haha


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