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Friday, July 30, 2010

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So, lately I've been going through EXTREME WITHDRAWALS! I miss my companion animals, and I feel like I need the friendship, love, and ability to nurture that they provide me with. Therefore, I've been reverting back to playing with my "Nummy Kitty" occasionally.

So, "WHAT IS A NUMMY KITTY?": Well, it's not a Nummy Kitty. Her name is Nummy Kitty. She is a stuffed animal that I gave to one of my very special cats, Sylvester. I'm not sure if I talked about him on here before or not. However, to fill you in quickly, he was a cat that I adored greatly. He was originally a stray that seemed to have found me. Everyday, he'd wait behind a bush and then follow me home from school. Every night, he'd sit at the end of my bed, looking out the window, making sure I was safe and comfortable. Then, he'd lie beside me, his fluffball-ness fitting the contour of my scrawny elementary school body. I miss him greatly, and because Nummy Kitty was his favorite toy, she is now one of my favorite and most prized possessions. So, because I have no furry friends to cuddle and play with, I've been playing with Nummy Kitty.

Say what you want, but she means a lot to me, and I'm sure Sylvester is happy that I take care of her.<3

Anyway, here is what Nummy looks like. Don't be harsh. She's been through a lot.

Nummy had her own little photoshoot on her blankie<3

What is your most prized possession? Do you have a stuffed animal that means a lot to you? One that you still occasionally take out and play with? Do you take it places with you, if you do?

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