Saturday, September 18, 2010

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OMB= Oh My Buddha! haha Hubby and I decided to make a new saying...NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN "GOD", Americans.                                      Anyway, Here's a makeshift, unphotoshopped Photo Booth piccy to make up for my lack of post-age and commitment. YAY. Want more recent Photo Booth photos? Okay. Don't vomit from the lack of Photoshop...
Teeth look pretty white in this one...considering they weren't brushed yet haha ew.Haha I was SOOO excited to go on a date with Hubby!BUT, I'm sad, because I've had a cold! Dirty nasties at school always spread their germs to me uuuggghhhh!!!!!!THEN, Hubby and I took some piccys together before our date. I LOVE PHOTO BOOTH! Good job, Apple. KUDOS! [:Ok post over. I'm sick, have a headache, and don't feel like thinking. haha. lazy bitch.

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