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Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Bloggers have been addressing the idea of online sluttiness/nudity. However, after the publishing of a certain news article, a blogger from the Singapore blogosphere, that I gladly follow, typed up a blog post about this issue. Now, I don't understand why people cannot talk about useful news stories. Sure, sluts are interesting to the general media. However, the majority of hits on the internet do, most obviously, go to sites that house some type of pornography. SOOO, being slutty is good for those who obviously are blogging simply for the hits. Smart game plan, internet skanks.

The "internet skanks" pictured above are from's Bored in Bikinis.
I am also not "hating" on XueSha and what'shername. I believe they can do whatever
they like...and if I had the opportunity to be in Bored in Bikinis, I'd do it too.
 Easy, fun job...who wouldn't take it.

I think a lot of girls dislike the idea of pretty girls posting their sexy photos online, because they don't want other guys, especially their boyfriends, to droll all over their nipple-popping pictures. NEWS FLASH: If your boyfriend really loves you...(and if you put out? haha jk, that should not justify the situation), he wouldn't HAVE to look at these photos, because he would already have a real, in-his-face form of a woman.

Also, NO WOMAN IS PERFECT. Everyone who is anyone, photoshops, has "fat days", and piles on makeup for a formal blog post.

For example, I present you with Xuesha goods and bads:


Yes, I'll admit, Xuesha looks rather "cute" in this photo. Note the overly-dramatic makeup though still...


YUCK! Look at the caked-on makeup, fat, and itty bitty titties on this poor thing!

Anyway, not just Xuesha is an "internet slut". I do actually follow her blog (although, I rarely read it). She does model. Therefore, her blog is like a portfolio to her. If she flaunts it in the magazines, she might as well flaunt it on her blog. I love lifestyle bloggers and respect them all. IF A GIRL WANTS TO SHOW HER BODY, WHO GIVES. People are allowed to flaunt what they have online. You just better be ready for comments (good and bad) and it's always best to be sure you'll feel no regret after posting things online. What's put online can never be 100% removed.

Silver Ang, I think, presented her opinions perfectly on her post addressing the same topics at hand and even more in depth about the actual news article. She is a very recent favorite blogger of mine. I admire her "anything goes on my blog" personality.

TO THE MEDIA AND READERS: Find better stories and gossip, eh?



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