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Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Lately, I've been reconnecting with my internet obsession. I tried to ween myself from being online constantly. However, I'll be starting classes tomorrow and I felt like I deserved to have fun and let go before I have to start studying again (ugh!).
SO...With that being said, I compiled a list of some really fun/useful websites and my top websites for all of you.
Favorite Fashion/Beauty Sites:

This site is good for "Indie", up-to-date fashion in the U.S. It also features a place where you can upload your own styles/view others. Which is my favorite part. I love to criticize others haha.
I've been in love with this site since I found it a few years back. Japanese fashion has always been the best (in my opinion) and this site is PERFECT for seeing how Japanese men/women are following the trends...and which ones are actually catching on.

Cheap, cute, convenient. What else is there to say really? haha
Just discovered this site for purchasing circle lenses. Very convenient for those in the U.S. Also, very cheap. Only $20 USD for each pair. However, I am very lazy and irresponsible with my lenses lately. I always forget about them and let them dry up. OOPS. Hubby said I should not buy anymore. ]:

This site is honestly amazing. You get points for pretty much everything you do. Then, you can redeem them for VERY nice prizes! 
Be sure to find me on My name is (like usual) "Coco Tai". [:
...AND...If anyone asks, I referred you, bitches.

OK, so out of ALLLL the blogs I follow, those are my favorites. AND, in absolutely no special order. Forreal, I'm too lazy to put them in order. haha.

Ok. So those are some sites I like to browse in my down time. Hope you enjoyed and are now obsessed like myself and losing valuable time so I'm not the only one. haha.


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