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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Wisdom Teeth(Image by tarale via Flickr)Hi. I know, I've been absent and the boring level of my blog has shot WAYYY UP. However, I've been busy recovering from the wisdom teeth extraction (excuses, excuses. I know. That was over two weeks ago). However, I had an issue with my mouth bleeding for about two days...and then it got infected...probably because I never used that stupid syringe thing. NOW, I'm chugging he Amoxicillin again. YAY ME. BUT, in my defense, every time I use the syringe with salt water, nothing comes out. WTF? Oh well. I've learned my lesson and will now be a good girl and use the (pointless) syringe. haha.
That was me biting down on tea bags, trying to stop the random bleeding. YUMMAY.
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