What Exactly Is A "Bally"?

Friday, July 16, 2010

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While in Taiwan, (no, the "Taiwan Series" is NOT done yet...I told you it will take a while...well, no I didn't...but I did just now [: ), I met a VERY cute creature at Hubby's aunt's house. Her name was either "Betty", "Bally", "Belly", or maybe even "Bailey". (cannot understand English names pronounced by Chinese people! haha)

I've, for some reason, never really liked poodles until I met, let's just call her, Betty. They wrote it "Bally", but the way the said it, I'm pretty sure they meant "Betty", SO that's what we called her during our stay haha.

We camwhored like crazy with the cute little girl! She was SOOOO smart too! Always posed for my big DSLR hahaha. High class camwhore-er she is.

Isn't she just adorable? We don't have red poodles in the U.S. ]:
While there, we learned Betty loves mango and peanut butter candies hehe. Although, we weren't supposed to feed them to her. Oh well. She was happy.

One time, Hubby's aunt was showing us the recreational part of the community they live in, and when we got to the pool area, Betty kept walking and accidentally fell in. Haha when she's wet, she looks SOOO skinny. Jealous of you, skinny beotch. haha jk. But seriously, it was so funny. I wish I could have recorded it.

Ok byez. Just thought a little random, photo-filled post would be nice. [:

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