Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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What's one of the best things about Taiwan?

Taiwan has SO many mad cute and cheap products. Soooo, when Hubby Coco and I were bored, we decided to go on a little Hello Kitty-filled shopping spree. <3 That man knows how to make me happy hehe.

Nonetheless, here are some photos of items I chose to purchase. I was an addict and HK was my drug. haha.
"dianhua" charm (one of many) [:

Random photo of me trying to make Miss Magazine Lady look like my haha

OOooOoohhh! There was also a shop with very cute accessories next to the Sanrio-filled one<3

I bought these shoes. They spoke to me.

...and here's Hubby sitting in the middle of my loot haha poor guy...He's always such a trooper during shopping sprees.<3

Throughout most of our Taiwan trip, I used this little clutch that I bought. It fit amazingly well in the storage compartment underneath the moped seat haha.

Anyway, if you know me, you would know that my enormous purses are usually a jumbled-up mess. Therefore, I took advantage of buying all the cute organizing tools that I could. Such as this pretty leopard/bow combo. 
Hubby Coco in the mirror's reflection teehee<3

Mommy Coco also loves cute things. Especially Marie. SO, I bought her all the cute Marie things I found.

Cute HK writing utensils are a must for the upcoming school year now [:

Have you ever seen such a cute pencil sharpener?
Oh yeah, Have I ever mentioned I'm sticker-obsessed?

Even got HK paperclips wtf?

Blingy accessories for BB baby<3

Cute card/photo holder

More preparation for a mad cute school year: Folders [:

A few of the pretty HK cards I bought for when I need to send people some Baby Coco love haha

CHARM-MANIA! Gave the super cute kitty ones to Mommy Coco also<3

Kitty notebooks. Got one on sale WOOWOO!

Oh hey, looky there, more stickers haha of course

Oh Taiwan also has mad cute, cheap hair accessories...and I was on the search for cute hair clips<3<3<3

My new HK pencil case so I can stop getting ink etc. all over my purses.

Last, but not least, a few of the few extra goodies I got for free when I became VIP etc. <3

Oh How I do love Taiwan<3

What are your best finds from different countries?


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Kell said...

ummm we would be best friends if i knew you in real life. i want absolutely everything you just showed in that post! SO JEALOUS AND SO CUUUTEEE!! :)

xo kell

Coco Tai said...

@Kell We should be friends! You do live in Pittsburgh, right?...or am I thinking of someone else? haha. I live about 2 hrs. away from Pittsburgh. However, Hubby Coco and I visit Pittsburgh A LOT in order to go to the Chinese grocery stores and to ROSE TEA CAFE WOO! haha


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