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Saturday, July 10, 2010

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So Everyone's allotted at least one emo post, right? Well, here's mine:

I'm sick with Shingles, on three different medications...which I have to take A LOT of and VERY often, because I cannot swallow pills. All I want right now is a friend or two...and the only real friends I've ever had were/are companion animals. WHICH, the landlord said we're not allowed to have. WTF!? I'm out of high school. Why should I listen to so many rules still!? Saying I cannot adopt these poor helpless kittens is like saying I cannot add members to my very lonely family.

These cute kittens at our local shelter are Alex and Fajita, two of which I'll never be able to adopt and share fun times with. Human friends simply are never the same, nor do they have enough personality to make me forget how boring and lackluster my life is.

Anyway, here are some gross photos of my Shingles just to let you know that your lives could definitely be worse.

Yummy. Look at all the blisters that I have to sit through growing larger and then "crust over" as the physicians would say. Nice. As if I don't feel like people look at me awkwardly enough.

Oh and by the way, SHINGLES HURTS! It basically attacks a part of your nervous system so you constantly get shooting, stabbing nerve pains. Oh, and mine start on my back, go around my side, and all the way under my boobs so I cannot even wear a bra. GRRRR-EAT! Suck that, Tony the Tiger...with your sugar-coated, enlarged dandruff "flakes".
UGH! Please tell me someone else out there is having a rather shitty time right now? Anyone?

Rant done, I suppose.

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