Friday, July 2, 2010

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So, without a doubt, my favorite thing about Taiwan is the amount of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and people! By people, I mean, everyone is so accepting and they also enjoy murder-free meals. haha.

Nonetheless, I love the vegetarian buffets! So much imitation meat and pure yummy-ness!
This one is called Full Love Vegetarian and they have their restaurant sectioned off into Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisine basically. It was pretty good. We went there twice during our stay. However, my absolute favorite vegetarian buffet was this one in Taipei, which I don't know it's name...but I was too stuffed for dessert. Their desserts did look nice too. However, I wasn't too worried about not getting to try them since the U.S. has way better dessert. Taiwan's desserts are generally dry and stale tasting. Ew. haha.

Anyway, on to some photos....

This was the table we started out at. We later had to switch tables, because SOOOO many people came to join us haha. I felt popular in Taiwan. Yay me! Oh and yes, Hubby Coco feels he must mock me while I'm trying to enjoy some damn delicious nomming. haha.

OMFG I effing love this photo! Angel and Eric try to dodge photo but cannot do so with succes hahaha...and York just hangs out with his drink hahaha...I know, you probably don't find this to be so funny...but I sure do [:

It must be hugging time? Hubby hugs me and Victor hugs Hubby? WTF? haha

Hehe the bride and groom...with trash in the back? ew.

Just thought I'd share this one of very many food adventures with my Coco-nuts [: Btw, street vendors have the best stinky tofu<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
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