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Friday, July 2, 2010

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So, every girl wants cute nails, right? Well, when we were in Taiwan, I was practically on a mission to have my nails done there before we left. Then, I found out Tuna's sister does nails...and very well at that...

So, we all got together in Tuna's sister's apartment and she did my nails YAY!

I wasn't sure what I wanted done. However, she had a bunch of Japanese magazines like Nail Up! [:
The whole time people camwhored like crazy (like usual haha) and took embarrassing photos of me looking gross that day...

Guess whose finger that is...none other than Hubby Coco's of course haha

Hubby and Sun being all cutesy bff hahaha

Everyone kept watching much pressure! hahaha

Here's Tuna's sister...I generally don't listen when people try to speak to me in Chinese, so every time she wanted my attention she said "Yoohoo" hahahahaha so cute!

"Hello, my name is Princess Coco and I am receiving my nail makeover. Scram, you foul peasants! Beauty is in progress!" WTF? haha

"Oh and here is Prince Hubby Coco...He really mustn't see me like this, in my transformation either, but oh well, he's just simply intrusive..." Haha double WTF?

MEANWHILE...all the "peasants" played with the cute red poodles hahaha

The one that hops in the bag is the mom, I believe, and the other one is the daughter.

But seriously, even if you just sit your purse down, the dog will seriously hop right in. It's so damn cute! I was far beyond baffled when I saw how smart dogs in Taiwan are...even some can just hop on moped between steering mechanism and driver...I even saw a large Golden Retriever manage to do this...amazing or what?

The puppy was truly in love with Hubby, I think. Oh well, she's hairy and not human, so I cannot be jealous, she's too damn cute too hate!

After a few hours, nails were done and it was camwhoring time as decided by everyone else but myself haha.

"Now time to take photo with the white girl before she leaves" hahaha ew do not laugh at my unphotoshopped grossness, flat hair, and puffy shirt making me look HUGE. Much appreciated. Thanks. haha.

Nonetheless, look at the height difference. Everyone in Taiwan loved pointing out that I was so much smaller than they had expected. A women even took the time to measure herself next to me...even took her shoes off after I said she was cheating with semi-heels hahaha.

Hubby mad creeping on me? hahaha
Tuna's sister's boyfriend jumped in last minute too haha
....and here's the finished product...not too extravagant because did not want acrylics and my real nails all started breaking off due to my carelessness and the climate change I'm guessing?

Nonetheless, I LOVED THEM! The cost was about $50 USD for the "friends" price.

Like them? [:


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