Fergie and Koda Kumi

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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I used to not really be a fan of Fergie, but after this MV I am. However, I've always been a Kumi fan. [:



Coco Tai said...

I'm not much of a fergie fan either. In this video though, Koda's voice seems really weak, I'm a bit disappointed =/

It's supposed to be Koda Kumi featuring Fergie? It seems more like the other way around, Fergie featuring Koda Kumi. Fergie just seems to dominate the song. Her voice seems stronger and she stands out more.

Koda needs to put some more oomf into it.

Coco Tai said...

OMG I completely agree! Fergie totally overpowers Kumi's greatness. Kumi also seems to only simply speak instead of sing in the little part she gets. I wish there was a Japanese version where the two switch places haha.


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