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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Just the other day one of my favourite bloggers, Shilka, or "AngMoGirl", wrote a post about the UbiKuching Project. It is a small group of people in Singapore who spay and neuter stray cats and help them find homes. I first heard about something like this from my best friend, Jamie, who also lives in Singapore.

This is such an amazing program! I really wish there were something like this in the U.S. Unfortunately, for now, all I can really do is walk dogs and occasionally donate the little money I make. 

I really encourage you to follow the UbiKuching Project's blog. There, they talk about more than just the spaying and neutering part. They even talk about great products for your furry friends etc.

On a similar note, lately I've been a little depressed by something I should have known would happen. I've become very attached to a dog at the shelter where I volunteer. His name is Shaymus and he's only 6 months old. Here he is:

..and if you'd be kind enough to adopt him, here is the link that tells you all about him.

Nonetheless, I wish I could adopt him, but being a college student in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, I cannot. I am so attached to him, as he seems to be to me also. He gets upset when I pet other dogs, and when I pet him, his little, speckled legs just buckle and he becomes such a loyal, gentle little man. You cannot see it in the photo above, but he has one brown and one blue eye. SO BEAUTIFUL! He also responds to commands. I spent a day crying over him, in fact. Yes, I am a sissy, but I'm afraid he will be put down and robbed of his life if he does not get adopted. I wish I could be his new family. However, I know that's not likely. Please, someone, adopt this spunky little guy. 

Now, I have to leave on a sad note... ]:



Coco Tai said...

I really wished someone would. I adopted my dog when he was 6mths old. So pls everyone, pls don't buy animals unnecessary.

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