I am extremely afraid of chinese people

Thursday, July 23, 2009

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So my hair started turning a funny color and my roots were coming in black again.
I've lightened my hair even more. Now it's almost all completely bleach blonde.
I apologize for being makeup-less and settling for shitty phone photos.
WHAT!? I'm a busy woman lately. -_-

Oh yeah, and I painted my nails this chio pink and dumbass me made them all chip off.
Here's Jason playing with the chips from my nails:
Ok, so, I've been working a lot more than usual lately. However, I'm not complaining because I REALLY need the money. Although, with my cheapass boss, I'm sure it won't be a lot >.<

Anyway, here are some cute pictures I made at work:

Productive, right?

Oh, and my boyfriend had just recently shown me this...If you google "I am...", Google will suggest " I am extremely afraid of chinese people". REALLY!? How many people actually searche this!? Is this a phobia or something!? Leave it to a Taiwanese guy to figure this out on his own. haha.

Okay. That's it for now. I just came to visit for an update. Will blog more interesting things at a later date. [;



Anonymous said...

Love the new hair! Blonde mafia, baby! :D

J.fantasy ❤ said...

Hey, I'm Jamie. From Twitter :) Finally found your correct blog link from one of your tweets. You look very nice in your bleached hair :)

Care to be friends?

Coco Tai said...

Hey Jamie, Sure[: too bad i'll be dying my hair back dark/:

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