Sunday, August 9, 2009

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Okay, so I've always tried to live my life by the 'no regrets' motto. So far, I think I've done pretty damn well. [:

In celebration of this, I composed a list of things others may regret if they were me, yet I don't.

1. QUITTING CHEERLEADING: I quit my senior year. It seemed like it would be the perfect year, holding a captain position and all. However, if I never quit cheering, I would have never met Jason, the cutest guy to ever travel to the U.S. from Taiwan [:

  1. Here's me in my uniform, junior year:
..AND everyone loves an embarrassing child photo so.. Here's me in Junior High /:
2. DENYING A NICER COLLEGE: I was accepted to attend classes at Penn State, which has more classes to fulfill my interests. Nevertheless, I settled for UPJ, where my forementioned boyfriend is finishing up his college years[:

3. QUITTING HOLLISTER: This one's a tad stupid. Nevertheless, I'm happy I did it. I headed out and into the workforce as soon as I turned 16 and being a secretary at the salon and modeling at HCO was just WAY TOO MUCH for me. Additonally, if I continued to work both jobs, I'd probably never get to see my man[;

4. REPAIRING RELATIONSHIPS WITH FAMILY MEMBERS: Ever since the divorce and especially 9th grade court hearings, the bond between my parents and the rest of my father's family has been a tad rocky. However, I'm very happy that I started to talk to them a little more and visit them more often too. I would really like to see my grandparents more before anything could possibly happen to them. They are such characters[:

Here are some more embarrassing photos, filled with youthful Coco:
P.S. They are poorly scanned and not edited on my part.sorry. Click them to make them bigger.

5. ENROLLING IN AP SPANISH: Although Senor was a major hardass, his class helped me SO MUCH in everything I do. The college I will be attending even sent me a letter saying how far advanced my Spanish abilities are[: YAY FOR ME BEING SO SMART [: hehe

Here's the Spanish teacher and class that pushed me so hard[:

There are SO many more things, in the end, I am happy I actually did. Just cannot think of them all at this very moment.


Anonymous said...

You're so cute!!!

Jay Tai said...

I'm glad you made all the right decision to meet and be with me :)

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