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Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Woah, I've been a lazy blogger, right? Oh well. Here are some photos of what I've been up to, to fulfill the void.

We decided to play with a ball on the beach during our last day there.
We went to a club. However, they stamped my hands with this glowing shit, because I wasn't drinking age -_-
Oh! Here's us outside the aquarium. I appear to be having a rather nice hair day[:
mmmm. safe to say we frequented Sakura OFTEN.[:
The last there was a storm in the forecast. The waves were crazy.
This was the most douchey couple I've ever seen. We watched them from our balcony as they complained nonstop about the meals and had three different waiters wait on them. Assholes.
Sakura's kickass sushi people[:

Tango-ing with the gorilla.

hehe. I put this one in a frame for my mommy but she didn't find the humour in it. /:
yay two holes in one[:
blue koi fishy pond

Our (cluttered) bathroom.
hehe pretty sure we were the only people that took a rice cooker.

underwater tunnel.
on the way there, everyone drove either a bmw or mercedes.

Look! Jason took his network along! hahahahaha.

My blingy mouse[:
I did his hair[:
Cute, right?[:

ugh. Out of two people, the caucasian asian-eyed it. haha. I suck.
girl scout? no, old man hat[:
Ok. So that's it for now. I'm lazy and really sick of facebook and it's pain in the ass uploading ways.


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