Sunday, April 26, 2009

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At this very moment, is is 7:33 pm, the sun is setting behind the newly-sprouted, lime in color leaves...and I just stared directly at it. Tengo demasida idiotez! I had Jason order me some cute rayban wayfarers online (until I get my card and fix some financial safety measures) and I could definitely use them right now haha. I am trying to save up money. However, every time I try, too much stuff comes up to pay for. I still owe Jarrod $250 on my laptop, I need to buy a new passport (which is at least $100 and I need it if I want to get back into U.S. from Canada..like wtf?), and I also need to start stocking up on beauty products, etc. for college. blahhh. Mi mama better purchase some stuff for me. I really need to purchase some storage unit type things (you know, those plastic ones) for storing my clothes etc. while living with Jason. 

Anyways, it's absolutely gorgeous out lately and I took some more photos this weekend. I cannot wait until I have a day completely free of all responsibilities, where I could lie outside, listen to music, drink a nice, cold green tea or water, and perhaps read a novel, if the rayban shades and sun allows.


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