How to Make the Economy Fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Currently, my butt is placed about the highly uncomfortable, rigid school seating. Economics is what I'm learning and I can surprisingly still blog and listen, while taking notes. How grand! I have lacked the sense of seeing the appeal to blogging lately. Therefore, there's at least a month's worth of memories not going to be remembered. >.< Nevertheless, I do have photos to upload.

Moving on, I acquired a new accident. My stepmother called early Sunday morning, warning me not to open/close the garage door b/c there was a stray cat in there that she found while looking for her brother's new dog which decided to run free around the neighborhood. I managed to convince her and my father to keep senor gatito too[: He's amazingly cute. Nevertheless, he is one active kitten. He needs A LOT of training. While kitty-sitting him and waiting five hours for my stepmom to find the dog, I decided,whether we keep him or not, he needed a name. I thought about it for quite a large amount of time and decided he needed an aristo-CAT-ic name [: Therefore, I named him Kensington Ross.

Okay, I need to continue this later. Multitasking is getting to be a pain and all this typing is hurting my elbows -_-

To be continued...


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