Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Hola Coconuts!

Spring break is next week and I finally have a few days to relax...sooo, perhaps I'll get in a post or two...

Just wanted to know if you had any ideas/suggestions/blog posts you'd want to see me do [:


I guess I will do a quick life update now:

I have been EXTREMELY stressed and anxious to the point of panic attack mode...I have been trying to talk to the therapist at my school (she takes a good while to get in with...). Therefore, I'm thinking about finding a psychologist around here that is at least a tad respectable. However, I do not like the idea of medication and "relaxation techniques" to me are more like "piss me the f*ck off techniques". But seriously, I get very annoyed and frustrated when I even try to calm down and relax. I feel like I've lost all mind and body just do whatever the hell they want, when and where they want. FML. 

So, I have really been researching the idea of emotional support animals/psychiatric service dogs. PSD sound the best for me though, because I become very anxious in public/social settings. Does anyone have any advice they can offer about this topic? I live in a no pets apartment, but if I obtain a letter from a therapist I can have one.

Thank you! Advice is GREATLY appreciated!


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