Quick Tip #2

Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Tired of constantly purchasing your typical expensive moisturizer (or cheap, possibly unhealthy everyday one)? Try this instead:

Switch out your nightly moisturizer for a vitamin E softgel/capsule.

I bought the Solgar brand Vitamin E 400 IU Vegetarian Softgels. (I think they may actually be vegan though, not sure /: ) They can be bought rather cheaply on Amazon.com [:

After I wash my face and apply toner, I use a needle to poke a hole in the softgel and squeeze out some vitamin E oil. In all honesty, you only really need half of the oil in one softgel to cover your face and some of your neck, so the bottle should last a lot longer than any bottle of facial moisturizer. 

Since switching out my moisturizer for vitamin E oil, I've had great results! My skin appears to have lost some of its pesky wrinkles and my pores are even looking a tad better! Before you say "this won't work for me, I have dry/oily/whatever skin", I have combination skin that is also rather sensitive, so I'd say it's pretty safe for anyone! [:


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