Day 6 of 30 Days Challenge

Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Co-founder and President of People for the Eth...Image via WikipediaDAY 6: FAVORITE SUPER HERO AND WHY

Now is super hero like batman and those kind of things or like "hero" like an idol? I dunno but I don't really like any superheros so I'll just name a real-life one. 


(Check out her blog etc. here:

For those who don't know, Ingrid is the PETA president and co-founder. She has done so much for animals all over the world and she is just an amazing person! I really can't even begin to explain all that she has done for abused, exploited, and neglected animals in labs, circuses, backyards etc. There is an abundance of nice things I could say about Ingrid. However, I feel none of them would even come close to describing how grateful I am for her and people like herself in this world. Thank you, Ingrid.


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