Day 26 of 30 Days Challenge

Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Day 26 – What you think about your friends

Wow, this is a difficult one, and I'm sure I won't cover everyone, but here it goes...

1. Hubby- I absolutely have to list him as a friend, because he is not just the man I want to marry, he really is a great friend too! We do everything together (not sure if this is mentally healthy haha). Hubby is a great man, a hard worker, and extremely loyal (if he wasn't, I'd castrate him in a heartbeat [: hehe)
2. Jamie- My "bff" from Singapore<3 We met accidentally and I'm so happy we did! We seem to be so similar in many ways and if she can make it to the U.S., she will be in my wedding! [:
3. Brittani- I've known her since I moved near the end of sixth grade, and we've definitely had our petty fights. However, when I'm upset, she's always there.
4. Jenna- All I can say about Jenna is she is so sweet! I have never seen her bitch and complain haha. She really is a good friend to have!
5. Caroline- I really miss gym class with her ]: 

These are just a few friends that are important to me...I'm sorry if I'm too lazy to include a lot of people.


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