Day 25 of 30 Days Challenge

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Day 25 – What I would find in your bag

Here is my bag. I bought it at FE21 (department store) in Taoyuan I think...but it's been holding out since May...f*ck it's life. haha.

Here is the side. Both sides have convenient and very deep pockets! [:

I also have a keychain we bought at Danshui or whatever haha. It's Hubby's last name<3

And here's the back with another large, convenient pocket, kinda like a kangaroo's pouch, but on the back and used for storing ipods and wo de dianhua [:

Here's a photo of the MESSY inside yuck! haha

Items starting from upper left:
1. some cheap plastic Calvin Klein sunglasses that I don't have to worry about scratching haha
2. Wallet
3. JASON Lavender hand/body lotion- smells very light and innocent!
4. Eco-friendly water bottle hehe [:
5. Sanitizer!!!!!!!
6. Dirty-ass pink hello kitty gloves- dirty as hell from walking dogs at shelter
7. Hello Kitty pencil/pen/highlighter case (from Taiwan too!)
8. Keys
9. Ladybug purse hanger- No one likes a germy/dirty purse!
10. Anna Sui Rx glasses in case (need some new ones!)
11. Leopard print tampon case (yes, I did jump on the bandwagon of discretely hiding my feminine products haha wtf)
12. My Lip Stuff "Strawbunny" charitabalm
13. Movie tickets from last night (Chronicles of Narnia-Voyage of the Dawn Treader- was very good and made me cry at end! Couldn't get over how much the lion looks like my cat, Buddy)

Haha a closeup of my many! Like my I<3Jason keychain? haha my mommy actually bought that for me [:

and here's my lanyard...after one of the shelter cats decided he wanted it haha

Ok I'm done here for now...Have to get back to being all "domestic" and cleaning haha byebye<3


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