Stay in U.S. or move to Taiwan?

Monday, November 22, 2010

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So lately I've been severely contemplating over where I want to live after my first four years of college and after I obtain my PhD. I was originally going to say f*ck it to my PhD and just go have fun in Taiwan, but then I realized it would be so stupid to waste all that schooling and be overqualified for a job (I'd be teaching English in Taiwan...I'd like to think I'm worth more than that).

Anyway, I loved Taiwan when I visited and never wanted to leave. However, now I realize, there are so many things I cannot do in Taiwan that I want to do here, BIG things too! Like...

1. Open my own animal shelter (preferably on my own land where my house will sit).
     -I could do this is Taiwan, but square footage is much more expensive and I have a feeling location would be a lot less convenient. Where would I walk all of the dogs? Night market?
2. Psychology is a career field I always wanted to work in. How loser-ish would I feel if I settled for being an English teacher with significantly less pay?
    -Of course, if I worked with a good company/tutor center in Taiwan (like Hess) I could obtain an a**load of bonuses etc. However, I feel as though what I'd make in USD (even with Taiwan's unusally low living expenses/U.S's higher living expenses) would amount to A LOT more.
3. I want to visit my family more often than I have been.
     -I've been so busy balancing school, work, and volunteering that I have almost negative amount of time to see my family. When I am married and possibly have kids (still determining whether or not I want one of those little replicated parasites...) I want to see my family far more than I do now after I graduate. If I live in Taiwan, I'd only get to see them about twice a year.
4. As bad as it sounds, I don't want to end up having Hubby's family be the only family I see. I see them more than my own family already and that bothers the f*ck out of me!

I'm sure there are more reasons for staying in the U.S., but you cannot expect me to possibly list them all. There are also many reasons I love Taiwan like:

1. Squat toilets, but difficult to find public restrooms (this would be the first thing I list...)
3. Nicer people
4. Better veg food
6. Bigger cities= more accepting people
7. Amazing shopping! 
8. Possibly more stable government
9. Lower income, but much lower living expenses...

HELP ME DECIDE! Comment w/ pro/cons and I will add them to my list [:


Qiuting said...

I don't know pros and cons.. I only know that wherever you go, with that zest in you.. You will make it good. Like REALLY good. And good people will come into your life to make it better than ever =)

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