Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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So, here is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I promised... Well, I'm no longer VEGETARIAN...

I'M NOW VEGAN! YAY ME! I've been vegetarian for years. However, now vegan for a few days, I realize being vegan really isn't all that difficult. If you can educate yourself and read a list of ingredients, you can easily be vegan. 

If you are currently vegetarian or even not yet still thinking of going vegan. DO IT! 

Everyone is asking me what pushed me to the extreme. Honestly, it was the death of my beloved Bella Bunny. How could I stand the thought of the products I am buying being tested on lovely creatures like her? I cannot. To be honest, about 3/4 of the products I purchase are at least vegan. However, I just came to the conclusion, why not just make a change from good to better?...So I did. I am so happy with myself...and to be honest, I had A LOT of fun today, because it was my first day being a vegan shopper. [:

MY GOAL: To use up all the non-vegan beauty products I currently have in time for the new year. (I'm not just going to pitch them, because I am a poor-ass college student and I NEVER waste things. Even if I were as rich as Mr. Bill Gates, I still would NEVER waste a damn thing.)

HAVE A HEART! GO VEGAN! [: <--shameless promotion on veganism. YAY!


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