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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Ok, so if you have been living under a rock, you probably haven't heard about the Essential Damage-Care line of hair products. However, most people don't live under and rock, and therefore realize this is old news. However, I am finally taking this post out of my bajillion draft posts and am releasing it to my readers, because I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED 2 BOTTLES OF SHAMPOO AND 2 OF CONDITIONER! Now my Essential shampoos and conditioners are gone ]: However, I still have an a**load of the hair masks and the hair treatments.
Supposed to be best for dry, frizzy, damaged hair like mine.

Supposed to be good for limp, lifeless hair. 

*HOWEVER, I have found that both work wonderfully for my hair. I was disappointed (like many other girls), because I was suggested to use Rich Premier, instead of the pretty pink Nuance Airy. 

So..girls of all hair types, my suggestion, mix things up! Use both! I used all of the Rich Premier first, then simply changed things up and moved on to the Nuance Airy collection.

Also, I'd like to point out that I began using the shampoo/conditioner in May of this year, and JUST NOW finished it all! I, of course, bought the huge pump bottles. However, you definitely get your $'s worth! 

I also occasionally allow my hair to indulge in the Essential hair masks when I actually have time (practically never anymore). I must say, I am VERY impressed! I have used many hair masks that claim to moisturize and make a noticeable difference, and they don't. 

ESSENTIAL HAIR MASKS MAKE A DEFINITE DIFFERENCE! I can notice the next day that my hair looks more moisturized and less frizzy and dull. 

I have yet to even use the bottles of hair treatment, because they give you such a large amount in each container that I didn't need to open them. However, if you are actually interested, I will use them and update you on their quality.

Now, because it is human nature to be "nosey", I will fill you in on my hair history and show you how the Essential line did some good for hair.

While in high school, I had pretty long hair. I cut it drastically short a few times in order to donate it. However, it was very healthy then, and it grew back in a matter of very little time.

I rarely dyed my hair then. I occasionally did use hot styling tools on it though. I curled it (shown below) occasionally, but straightened it a lot.

Here is just how damaged
 straightening made my hair.
 Can you see the 
broken-off pieces? 

I used to work at a salon during my high school years, and one of the stylists there liked to mess around with my hair...I wanted it a lighter shade of brown and THIS is what she did to it...
...ended up being f*cked up redhead with unwanted highlights!? ughhh....

So, I then dyed that mess back. However, I dyed it a black of sorts, figuring it would fade a lot more than it did.
(dying hair @ Hubby's apartment)

Then, I ended up having these longa** tresses. haha. However, it looked rather rediculous when my dark brown, yet lighter roots began growing in.

Then, there was a time I began to go into a phase with lighter colors. I REALLY LOVED THIS LIGHT BROWN!

Then, I perhaps took it a little too far and had it dyed a light brown/reddish color. However, I did like it oddly.

Then, I went lighter...
(thought you'd enjoy this haha)
Not gonna lie, kinda enjoyed this shade of blonde.

But then...I went far too light...
(last two are wet hair)

What do you think about Coco with blonde hair? Yay nay? Favorite color?

Anyway, I decided my hair was damaged and tortured enough and started dying it back to my natural dark brown...
"I'm an Eskimo!" (no makeup, don't vomit. sorry.)

Oh yeah, and hacked it all off again, because it wasn't worth trying to salvage the dried out frizzball that was left.

Then, it finally started growing, slowly but surely.

I eventually had it died a nicer shade of brown, closer to my natural hair color.

(By the way, here is my natural hair color for reference.)

However, now it is fading again, and definitely taking a growth spurt. YAY! Finally!

Enjoy the long post? You should! haha.


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