Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Fishy Fishy says "HIIII" too [:
(oh yeah, don't mind the nasty-ness, because I have ZERO TIME to photoshop, sooo, EMBRACE THE HIDEOUS SCRATCH AND "ZIPS" (how Hubby call "zits") ON MY EVEN MORE HIDEOUS FACE! BAHHAHAHAHAHA!
But seriously...
Lately, I've been trying to focus on my classes. However, they are just hating me. Currently, I am on campus, blogging, because I forgot my textbooks for reading at home >.< typical me...
I just finished a Social Psychology test...bombed it. I really need to start picking my grades up, because  I can't being pulling this shit all semester...
720qj.jpgHere's my beginning stack of notecards for that test. The final pile was double this one's width. -_-
Anyway, I did see THE SOCIAL NETWORK two days ago. Rather hilarious movie. It was nowhere as emotional as my usualy Taiwan dramas. However, I was very impressed with Jesse Eisenberg's performance as Mark Zuckerberg! However, I heard that Mark Zuckerberg himself wasn't very impressed with the way he was portrayed in the movie? Dunno.

(Image found via Google Images)
Anyway, I seriously need to rethink
how I prepare for classes. Here are a few things I decided to do differently...tell me if you think they are good idea...
1. READ all the material pertaining to the lectures BEFORE the lectures take place and take notes on what I've read.
2. Keep Hubby's and my room clean and organized to avoid wasting time looking for things I need in the morning (which makes me close to late for class since I commute).
3. Begin studying for tests ONE WEEK in advance.
4. Study/rewrite notes taken in class when I get home the same day.
5. I'd like to also add "spend less time watching youtube subscriptions/reading blogs" ...but that one's really a challenge for me. Maybe, I'll just read them on the weekend or limit it to once/twice a week?
ANY IDEAS? Seriously.
How do you make yourself successful in aspects where you'd really like to improve?
Tips? I need them. TELL ME!
Thank you!
KAWAII PANDA POCKY BOX! Can attach to purse by his cute little arms [:
(this is a box of pocky...and me without makeup...yum to the pocky and YUCKKKK to my face. haha wtf.)
PS. When I study, I like to I'm getting fat >.< wahhh!


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