Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Currently, Blogger is giving me a great amount of trouble. FML...and soon FBL (fuck Blogger's life), because I am sick of their unreliable site. >.< QiuQiu asked me if I no blog anymore...and I was kind of confused..thought she was referring to my recent absence. However, she was referring to the fact that Blogger basically suspended my blog for "suspicious activity". The only "suspicious activity" I could even think of was the fact that I blogged from a school computer?

Anyway, now, some recent photos aren't even appearing on my blog. WTF, Blogger!?

Anyone else ever have/having these problems? I would change blog-hosting sites, but it's just a major pain!

Thank you, however, for your patience. AND, MAJOR THANK YOU TO QIUQIU!

PS. Blogger, if you get your sh*t together, I may like you more, and maybe take back the things I said...maybe.


shaz said...

hey gorgeous! ;)
you know qiu qiu from Sg as well? :P

Coco Tai said...

I don't know QiuQiu that well, have just talked to her a little online. She seems mad nice and funny though.


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