One Of The Many Taipei Trips- Taiwan Series

Friday, June 25, 2010

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A few days after meeting one of hubby's cousins, she called to see if we would like to go to Taipei and have her take us around since she lives there. Then, I decided I REALLY wanted to go on the HUGE ferris wheel. 
The ferris wheel is attached to an ENORMOUS shopping mall (and if you can see, there's an IMAX theatre too!).

Unfortunately for Hubby, he was scared sh*tless! I'm afraid of heights, but I think Hubby Coco's fear overrides mine greatly!
His scared face cracks me up hahahaha.

Here are his cousins/cousin and nephew (Chinese people tend to call their cousin's children their nieces/nephews. Difficult for me to adjust to. haha). Anyway, his "nephew" is super cute! He kept staring at us the whole time hahaha.

There was a super cute stray doggie in the parking lot...There are far tooooooo many stray dogs in Taiwan. One day, I plan to save them all <3
Notice anything else about the parking lot? There appears to be a heart drawn in it<3 Can you find it?
Pretty views from the ferris wheel [:
Ooh concert going on? Wonder who was performing...
Can you spot Taipei 101? [:
What about the Jesus fish truck? hahahaha WTH is it doing in Taiwan?
Hubby Coco's soooooo cute<3

I love how Taiwan always has fun little props to camwhore with<3
Used Hubby's cousin's ENORMOUS Pro-like camera...
So nice, but still prefer my smaller DSLR<3

Here's a photo I took on the inside of the shopping mall while on the escalator...This is what I call BEAUTY!<3
Byebye, pretty ferris wheel.
But, the fun wasn't over. Hubby's cousin and her husband drove us to a really neat museum.

...and hubby decided to become paparazzo in the car... 
Ew. My teeth were not very white while in Taiwan. Although, everyone there sure thought they were haha.

Cannot believe they wouldn't allow photographing indoors. LAME.
Hehe the back of hubby's head ^

The End.


*~kAy~* said...

you're so pretty! Look at those pearly whites! :p
Looks like you both had tons of fun! Its always so fun to go on ferris wheels! :)
heehee.. I like your pictures with the props :p

Thanks for dropping by my blog btw! :)
haha I've never thought of trying to dry my brushes with feminine pads :p I definitely know what you mean though. I hate it when tissue leaves a whole bunch of lint on everything you wipe >< The previous ones I got did that but not these new ones ;)

Coco Tai said...

aw thank you! you're such a sweetheart[: Actually, I think my teeth got less white while in Taiwan, but Hubby Coco has amazing, huge teeth that I wish I had haha

...everytime I think of toilet paper I think of the cute little Charmin bear commercial where he has pieces stuck to his cute little bum haha


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