Hubby and I Tour the Neighbourhood

Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Here is a post with little words and a lot of photos to make up for my previous absence.

This is the dying little flower my stepmom gave me for Easter. Poor thing. My thumb is opposite the spectrum from green ]:
Me trying to be all artistic with the flowers:
This is a house in our neighbourhood. Looks so geometric! Love it! Needs a good amount of TLC though!
Also a house in our neighbourhood...SO in love with it! It's mad cute and pink<3
Hehe. Hubby and I being so artistic. Not. [: (can click to see photo in its full glory)
I is short. 
View of the shitty, old city
Walking around the park in my watermelon-coloured outfit. WTF. 
Make a wish<3
Aw baby pinecones<3<3<3 Why is baby everything so cute!?
Shenaynaybug and her new shoe after I ran her up over a curb. Poor girl. She was rather mad at me.
I love spring. 
Hell steps.
After dragging my butt up the hell steps...turned out to not be so bad at all...
It started getting hubby and I went home...this day was so fun. I definitely need to get out more and hang out with hubby..cannot wait until classes are over this semester...



Coco Tai said...

Lovely photos :D Looks like spring is in full force :D

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