Vivi March 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

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This is the magazine I will be a critic of today (not the newest issue, but not old at all). The newer ones will be coming soon, by the way.
These are my opinions. However, I'd love to know what you think, not because it will change my opinions or make me care about yours, I'm just curious to know what my readers like/dislike.

I absolutely love the ingenious use of pink! Not just because it's my favorite color...oh yeah, nevermind, that is why. Anyway, I love the bag and wallet I have circled above! (may need to enlarge photo to better see. Just click it then!)
I absolutely adore the purse at the very top!
The whole flipped out hair and ugly hangy ball things on her dress are hideous!
However, I do like the light, floral feel and bows!
EW. <--All I can even say because the vomit is about to come out of my mouth!
Cannot say it enough! I love cowgirl boots!
Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles=NO, NO, NO!

Love the floral dresses! So light and airy[: 

Once again, PLEASE no fringe-y ruffle shit >.< This looks like the Old West gone wrong -_-
...and these shirts...well, let me just say that's what trailer trash women in the U.S. wear... Japan, what is happening to your way beyond time trends!?

These are also shirts that dirty, poor people in the South wear when they are stuck in the 90s and are convinced their beer belly isn't all that big...

The comment to come is an obvious one right? Overalls=NO. However,


Printed shorts? OMFG YES!<3

STRIPED SHIRTS!? WHO WOULD DO THAT!?....I WOULD! I have this same exact shirt, but with green stripes [:
Still loving the cowgirl boots without a doubt<3

Love all of these styles! So simple, yet still high fashion-like.

OMFG! Love this girl's outfit! The idea of plain, simple colours put together like this is gorgeous! least in my eyes[:

LOVE BRIGHT COLOURS! Especially pastels!<3

Denim is cute, but only if a minimal amount is used. Forreal, ladies, tone it down a tad.

All of these purses are cute...except for maybe that black one at the top of the page. I definitely need to find myself a cute, small purse. All mine are enormous!

...and of course by now you should know my stance on headbands and ribbons...I'm obsessed. haha.

Ew! I think the girl on the left is perhaps the fugliest  model to ever grace on of the pages in ViVi. WHY!?

Anyway, she kinda looks like Brittany Murphy though. (R.I.P.)...But just in this photo.
Now back to fashion-related critiques.
I love the spring nails they have in the March issue! So bright and pretty!

Also, on another semi-off-topic note, seems like Japanese models are starting to be more into the idea of curvy lately. What do you think? Comment and tell me please.

That's it. Woo! Finally! Such a long-winded post. I apologize. However, I wanted to get in a lot of nonsense at once. Yay.

The End.



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