Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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So, lately I've been spending my time studying. However, midterms have just ended and spring break has just began! Now, I am still spending time doing homework. However, I am also spending much needed time with hubby<3 Nonetheless, I finally have time to update this poorly kept blog with my life through photos. Yay!

By the way, I got a new camera, the Nikon D3000. It's a beauty! Anyway, let's begin with the photos, because I suppose that's a tad more interesting.

Anyway, throughout this post you will see mini-reviews for common, easy to find products that I'd rather not drag out a whole entire review post for.

Okay, I continue.

This was our messy dining room:
Now the mess is in the trunk of my car, waiting to be recycled.

This is one of my favorite body lotions:
It is rather cheap, is a huge, full bottle, and works very well!

I usually don't use mouthwash. However, I love this kind!
It leaves a nice clean feeling and has great foaming action! The label also claims to have the same whitening ingredients as the Crest white strips.

Oh yeah, and if you want an absolute great toner for cheap:
Olay is the only not 100% natural product that I swear by! It never makes my oily skin break out, and it keeps it feeling soft and clean!

Oh, I also recently started running low on white strips, so I decided to try out the advanced seal kind:
They work just as well as far as I can tell. However, lately, it feels as though white strips haven't had such a lasting effect. Do you get the same feeling? If so, please tell me. I'm curious.

On to what hubby and I have been up to lately...

Hehe this is hubby making a funny face:

He's so cute!...and I'm so lucky!

Ooh! Hubby happened to find Pokemon on TV:
I used to rush home every day at 3:15 just to watch that pointless cartoon.

I make hubby pose a lot:
He's my main piccie subject. [:

However, here is a rather neat looking photo of the both of us:
It is VERY difficult...and a great workout for my flabby, fat arms while camwhoring with a DSLR[:

This makes me laugh a little every time I see it:
My mom sent me some important school-related documents in this envelope. The guy at the post office laughed when she handed it to him.

Ooooohhhhh I managed to give myself a HUGE bruise working at hubby's family's restaurant too ]: 
 It still has yet to completely fade away -_-

Ooh we ate these sticky ball things for the last day of CNY:

The bag they came in had Jackie Chan on it. Tehe.

That's it. Abrupt ending!

Thank you,


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