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Friday, March 5, 2010

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To my dear readers:

PLEASE lend me a helping hand/paw! I am doing a research project for a class and at this point in time, I am in major need of participants, in human and furry doggy/puppy form. Furry doggy/puppy form!? Yes, furry doggy/puppy form. The reason I need both types of subjects is because I am trying to find a correlation between the appearance of human owners and their dogs. All I need is a photo of your dog and the person that chose it or spends the most time with it. I prefer that they are two separate photos. However, they DO NOT HAVE TO BE. I am rather advanced in Adobe Photoshop for an average, untrained being. Therefore, I could always fix that problem. Furthermore, if you do not own a dog, I would still greatly appreciate your participation in the survey part of my research. 

To make this post a tad brighter and not so school-related, here is a photo of a cute doggy that is currently up for adoption. PLEASE HELP HER! She's EXTREMELY CUTE! :
She is a Cairn Terrier that goes by the name Jane. Jane is available for adoption at Action For Animals Inc. Humane Society.




Coco Tai said...

i really love justin bieber

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