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Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Okay. So I am going to do what many bloggers are calling an "Inventory list"...Don't think mine will be too interesting. Nonetheless, here it goes:

Shampoo: Mane N Tail, Loreal Vive Pro Hydra Gloss (Grammy gave it to me)- I alternate shampoos a lot. However, my best kept hair washing secrets are Apple Cider Vinegar and Baby shampoo
Conditioner: CHI Infra Treatment, Pure and Basic Natural Fresh Coconut Reconstructing Conditioner, Milk Moisturizing Hair Treatment, Yes to Carrots....and many hair is still coming back to life after all of the damage I had put it through
Styling products:TIGI Catwalk "Work-It" hairspray (AMAZING HOLD!), Freeze It Pearl & Luster High Definition Hairspray (Good for hair and makes it shiny!)
Shower Gel: Some ENORMOUS milk scented bar I found at T.J. MAXX (has been lasting very long, because it is really BIG and my skin is VERY dry so I do not use much)
Body Scrub: Do not use one. Probably should?
Body moisturiser: Queen Helene Cocoa Hand and Body Butter (OMFG THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!...Comes in large-ass bottle and mad cheap too!)
Deodorant: Alternate different Dove deodorants (cannot use many other brands because I have sensitive armpits -_- However, I LOVE Tom's natural deodorants!)
Perfumes: Hubby and I hate Perfumes. Rarely use.
Makeup remover: Do not use makeup remover, washing my face in a hot shower works perfectly fine.
Face wash: Chinese soap called Bee & Flower (live by this! All natural and keeps oily skin perfectly dry)
Face toner: Olay (mad cheap, smells great, and very gentle!)
Day serum: Have been testing out B-Liv's line for blackheads and shrinking pores...not sure what I think yet.
Day cream: Usually do not use one. However, If I do, I use my Olay night firming cream
Sun protection: I know this is sad...but I rarely protect my skin from the sun /: Reprimand me. I expect it and totally understand how idiotic I am.
Night serum: Still need to find a really good one I like...Any suggestions?
Night cream: Olay night firming cream
Exfoliator: BeFine Pore Refining Treatment Scrub (Coconut kind), Olay Definity Pore Scrub
Primer: Do not use one for the most part...No longer wear makeup anywhere but on eyes, because I am sick of ruining my skin with powders and creamy, pore-clogging junk. (only on special occasions)
Foundation: eh. Don't use.
Concealer: For circles under eyes: N.Y.C. Cover Stick in 781 A- However, should find a darker shade.<--This product is simply a cheap drugstore concealer stick. I used it when I spent the night at my mom's and loved how well it blended and the way it reflected the light or whatever. I also use Clinique all about eyes concealer too...It's quite the multi-tasker though- good for pimples. ew.
Powder: rarely use. However, if I do, I use Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in Stay Beige...My mom also just bought my this powder I guess you could also use as foundation from Mary Kay..said she really liked it..I have it in Beige 1 now[:
Blusher: Usually use blusher from TooFaced Cosmetics. A bit pricey at times but cruelty-free and GREAT quality!
Bronzer: Cannot remember name now because the bronzer is somewhere in my purse. However, I use the bronzer by TooFaced that smells like chocolate...and kinda tastes like it too hehe
Highlighter: Rarely take the time to highlight and contour. Nonetheless, if i would, I would simply use my N.Y.C. color stick and whatnot. Multiple uses. [:
Eyeshadow base: The best base is some baby powder after your concealer[:
Eyeshadows: Well, most people have quite a wide array of eyeshadows so I guess I'll tell you what I use most often. TooFaced in Nude Scene (use for highlighting brow bone) and Sitcom Siren, Mary Kay Peaches n' Cream, and even my TooFaced bronzer to contour my crease.
Eyeliner: Clinique quickline in Really Black, Maybelline Unstoppable in Onyx, some Organic dark brown eyeliner I found at the drugstore but cannot remember the name /:
Curler: some generic not care much about my eyelashes being curled, already naturally curled and mad long
Mascara: Varying Clinique Mascaras and I OMFG ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Colossal Volume Express by Maybelline...Honestly, may be a drugstore product. However, it is one of the best. Does not clump and leaves lashes HUGE! Mine are already super long. However, this one thickens them...Just what I want [:
Lipstick: eh. Do not wear. Hubby no likey. 
Lipgloss: hmm. I rarely wear lipgloss. However, I do have some E.L.F. glosses and some Yes to Carrots glosses too[:
Nail Colour: OMFG A LOT. haha. Love pinks and neutrals lately. O.P.I and China Glaze are my favorite brands though[:

Okay so that's it. Bye.



Shilka said...

If you want to try body scrubs, I recommend those from the Body Shop :D I'm totally addicted! They smell heavenly, and make skin absorb moisturizers better =D

Coco Tai said...

Ooh thank you[: I need my skin to soak up as much moisture as possible for sure!


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