Bored and Stupid?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Today, we had a campus snow day! Yay! So, I had more time to Google things I wanted to Google. So, in doing that, I found some interesting things for you to do when you're bored. (Jamie, I know you'd like this since you seem to get bored quite often haha)

1. If you live in the U.S. and are curious about what town/city/lake/river names mean in French, go here
I know this sounds lame, but in all reality, it's pretty neat and great for trivia[:

2. If you were also quite surprised about the recent Illinois earthquake, click here  to see you chances of being hit by a shaking, underground beast within the U.S....OR if you do not live in the U.S., click here

3. Be informed! Read these interesting articles (they aren't very long, suck it up and learn!) 1. 2. (It's always fun to use Sarah Palin's lack of intelligence as a joke...)  3. (yeah, you only wish he were your weather guy...) 4. (good for April Fool's ideas? I think so.) 5.  6. (I once thought Hummers were completely useless and fuel-guzzling devils. However, hubby and I had a great idea. To make a Hummer snowplow. But, then he said, it wouldn't have a mechanism on the back to lay down salt. Then, I had the idea to hide Mexicans in the back and have them throw out salt. Ingenious, right? No, I'm not racist! It's just simply a hilarious image. Plus, one has to admit, Mexicans are good at cramming into vehicles[: ) 

Ok. The end. Have fun!



J.fantasy ❤ said...

Haha! Yes I do get bored really easily. Happy Valentine's Day, babe!

Coco Tai said...

hahaha me too!..but only bc I try to find things other than homework to do...Happy Valentine's and CNY to you too![: I can haz red pockets hehe yayyy

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