Wayne's World vs. iCarly

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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So, the other day Wayne's World was on t.v. and hubby and I managed to realize that there was a striking resemblance between it and the preteen iCarly show.

1. They both host a lameass show.
2. They both have the same lameass effects done by amateur cameraman.
3. Both have episodes or events where they are "discovered"
4. Also show lame products like hair sucking vacuum thing and Carly's brother's blinky light-up socks.

Need I continue? I think not.

There is now reason to believe that the iCarly producers ripped of Wayne's World material and are now making bank off of someone else's pointless idea.

Nonetheless, iCarly will never become part of odd U.S. history quite like Wayne's World.



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