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Sunday, November 29, 2009

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...You'll need it to finish this rather long-awaited post haha. Okay, here is how I decided to do this: NUMBER THE POINTS I NEED/WANT TO COVER. Haha seems easy enough.

1. Thanksgiving:
The part I enjoyed most about going back home for two days was seeing my furry friends.

This is Buddy. He was a stray until he wandered into my arms in front of my dad's house.

This is Bella. She is my sassy little sweetheart. She was a surprise gift from my ex-stepfather. It was such a great surprise to come home from cheering at a mad time-consuming away game and see this in my room. [:

2. Ugh. Here is my car, She-nay-nay-bug. She didn't go back to my hometown with me, because she cannot be fed until my new information and credit card are sent to me. blah.


3. Hubby and I have been doing more fun things lately. A few weeks ago, we went to a performance on campus called Jigu. The drummers were amazing! I suggest you see them in your lifetime.<-- Bucket list worthy!!!!!

Here are some photos of the performance. I apologize for the low quality. I didn't want to use flash and be a distraction.

 Us before the performance. Camwhores.
Totally wanted two of these lion statues for on each side of my front door haha.

As you can probably see, (if you enlarge/click the last image) the guy on the left kept staring at us. Creeped me out.

4. Jason and I have been inviting the neighbor's cat into our house. As I'm writing this, he is in here, rubbing on my arm and helping me blog.

I hope the neighbors don't mind. hehe.



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