Saturday, April 18, 2009

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At this very moment, my body is pressing down the chocolate champagne carpet as the fresh spring air from newly opened windows passes through my lungs and is exhaled past my lips. My attention was fixed on 'Real Housewives', but now on Blogger and itunes. 

So recently, I have found an artist that I really like. Her name is Sara Tavares. She has extremely relaxing music and a bohemian feel.

OH, Jason and I finally took some time to work on my Chinese. He said I did very well and have a knack for learning languages. I sure hope so, because I truly want to converse with him and his family far better!

I just wanna go outside. It's so nice out, the sun is shining in through the open windows. One of my favorite acts meant for warm weather is looking up towards the sunshine, eyes closed, and taking in as much fresh spring air as one's lungs would allow. hmm..In fact, I'm thinking of going outside due to the fact that changing seasons allows for more creative photography. I'm just afraid Jason's neighbors will think I'm quite crazy...

ME: *grazing the yard, feet rustling through the newly sprouted grass
DOWNSTAIRS TENANT: "Excuse me, miss.? Is everything alright?"
ME: "huh? Lo siento pero no hablo ingles y soy loca. Podria ayudarme? No tengo llaves para esta casa y no puedo entrarla ahhh!"

Well, I don't yet have keys for this apartment. Therefore, I cannot go outside to photograph everything blah/:


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