Monday, April 13, 2009

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Hi. I am a teenage girl. However, I have very little time to spend picking my butt or creating drama, as most other teen girls do. I have a wonderful boyfriend/hubby, who goes by the name of Jason. He's yellow and consumes a lot of rice, perhaps that's what makes him so cute. (^o^) I used to be a cheerleader and really involved in my school. Now, time is ticking until the day I get to stand up, remove my cap, and toss it far into my future, where I hope to accomplish a lot more than I have in these past 18 years. Also, I have a family. They aren't always what one would call "reliable", or even "supportive". Nevertheless, I get by and basically support myself the best I can, working part-time as a secretary in a salon. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to continue my babbling. Although, I would like to leave you with the reason I am creating this blog. To me, it is a fresh start, away from all my other internet blog accounts, where I can record my memories that I too often forget.


Jay Tai said...

I will provide you an amazing family baby girl :) I love you so much!!!!

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