Grey Muzzle Flower Power

Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Hi. I'm Dropping by with a quick post with a cause.
I have just read a post by girliegirlarmy that inspired me to do a little spring-themed retail therapy for elderly doggies. To read more about what I'm about to talk about, please read her post. 

Anyway, if you will go here, you will see an array of many pretty flowers that you can plant yourself! However, the cool thing is that if you purchase a set of these bulbs (flower seeds), 50% of the profit will be given to The Grey Muzzle Organization (click the link to see their site) so they can continue helping to foster and sponsor senior doggies, providing them with the shelter and medical attention that they need. 

PLEASE, be kind and purchase some flowers to plant. It's a fun, calming warm weather activity. If you are not the "flower planting type", well here's a good Mother's Day idea (yes, that is just around the corner!)



PS. I bought the butterfly flowers, so the pretty Monarch butterflies get some use out of them too. [:

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