Update On Life?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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So, lately I've been enjoying my holiday/winter/xmas break, whatever one should call it. I am trying to be productive, but I just don't really feel like being productive anymore haha. 

Lately, I've also been having SEVERE TAIWAN WITHDRAWAL! I've decided I definitely would rather move to Taiwan and start off making less money than spending another four years in college, daydreaming about a full adult life. Mainly, the animals in need in Taiwan are what convinced me. Yes, Taiwan is fun, has wayyyy better food, and better shopping. However, I really want to help make a difference for the sickly, homeless animals wandering Taiwan's streets.

...and the countdown starts...about 2.5 years until I graduate and can move to Taiwan! [:

So, as of now, these are my plans...
1. Get engaged (hehe hint hint, hubby<3)
2. Graduate college with psychology major, spanish minor, and possibly sociology minor
3. Get married
4. Get a position as an English teacher in Taiwan with Hubby
5. Purchase an apartment in Taiwan
6. Adopt animals and take some off of the streets
7. Furnish/decorate our apartment


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