Day 30 of 30 Days Challenge

Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Day 30 – Who are you?
-like how I rushed through these posts at the last minute? haha, well finals and studying held me back a little, and I really wanted to finish these posts before the new year.

Anyway, I guess I should attempt to describe myself?

I am known as many names, by birth: Cortney, by nickname and by Hubby's friends in Taiwan: Coco, and in a few years by Taiwan document: 茹恩/dai ru en

I am working toward a major in psychology, a minor in Spanish, and probably a minor in sociology. 

I was going to obtain my PhD, because I wanted to be called "Dr. Tai" haha wtf. However, I'd rather have fun and save some strays in Taiwan while I can/before I'm ancient. haha.

I like pretty things, but I'm not all that materialistic. I cannot wait until my hair is long enough to touch my waist. I love having long fingernails, although they make work difficult haha.

Peace between humans and all animals is what I'd most like to see. 

What else can I say? Not much.

PS. Like my new Chinese name? My bff, Jamie and my Hubby helped me pick it [:


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