Day 1 of 30 Days Challenge

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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SOOOO, here are two photos of myself, taken just now, as I wear this facemask, hoping my blackheads move the hell out of my pores! I sent them an eviction notice years ago, yet they still insist my pores are their good bums!

Anyway, the topical meds the dermatologist gave me do not work for me at all, just dry the hell out of my skin! I've already used about half of what I was given, and I still see no improvement, just skin that has been on edge for months now. Poor skin! Gets crazy breakouts, then dries out to where it peels/flakes off. (ew! I sure hope you weren't eating when you read that haha)

Anyway, this is a discussion for another post... onto those 15 facts...

1. I've been vegetarian since junior high, I'm now transitioning to a complete vegan.
2. Hubby is 4 years older than I am.
3. My parents have been divorced since I was in second grade (or the end of first, cannot remember)
4. I broke my wrist when I was four. It hurt. Now, every so often, it causes me some pain.
5. I donated my hair...twice!
6. I'm a recycling freak! If I see someone not recycle, I flip shit.
7. My favorite animals are bunnies...
8. ...followed by cats...
9. ...followed by deer.
10. I mainly drink water. I used to drink tea a lot, but it stains my teeth >.<
11. Pooping makes me feel accomplished. (haha wtf.)
12. I tend to tweet while I poo...a.k.a. "pweet" haha wtf x2.
13. I love ginger snaps.
14. May Wah makes the best vegan fake meats! (Yes, I know that's an opinion, but since I'm writing it, it's inferred to be an opinion, and therefore, be my favorite vegan meat supplier. ♥)
15. I'm on the last fact already? That was fast. (insert "that's what she said" joke if you're lame and still find it hilarious.) hmmm, better make this one count...I LOVE SEAWEED!

YAY! Now your turn! You complete this challenge, leave it as a comment, and I'll read it, deal? [:


Coco Tai said...

You're adorable! I LOL'ed at the "pweet" fact, I think everyone does that, they just can't admit it!
I'm actually pescetarian.. and I enjoy vegan/vegetarian "meat" but I've never heard of May Wah, where is it typically sold?

Coco Tai said...

@Tara, awww thankies! UM, as far as I know, May Wah only has a store in NYC, however, it can be ordered online at ...IT'S AMAZING! If you would like any suggestions as far as what fake meat is the best, I can definitely help [:


Coco Tai said...

ahh ok, I make trips to NYC to see my boyfriend often, I'll have to pick some up next time... and I'll definitely be coming to you for more "fake meat advice" in the future!! :)

Christina T said...

I was blogwalking and came across your blog =3 *followed*
Ive been inspired to do this challenge too!
check it out,

I linked you from my blog too =]

Coco Tai said...

Just realized it says I posted a comment to myself when it was another person?

Anyway, @Christina thank you! You and your blog are very cute too!


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