TAIWAN-Getting There and Back

Thursday, June 17, 2010

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I have  NEVER flown on a plane anywhere before this trip. Perhaps I'm a bit crazy to take my first flight to the opposite side of the Earth. However, I think I'm just adventurous or determined..whatever...but not crazy.

Hubby and I had to leave very early in the morning in order to drive two hours to the airport. Plus, for international flights, one should be at least two hours early.

Even if I do look cute in this photo, I was a tired wreck. 

Hubby was pissed to be up so early...but we all know he was just as excited as I was to arrive in Taiwan.

Photos from the Pittsburgh airport window:

I wanted to take photos as we were taking off. However, I am the type of loser who always follows rules and didn't photograph anything until we were above 10,000 ft.
I saw more clouds than ever before...and realized that the western U.S. is REALLY PLAIN haha

However, the highlights of the flights were:

On the way to Taiwan- seeing the lit up islands of Japan, because that meant we were close to our destination...and seeing Taiwan all lit up...at  night, Taiwan is extremely beautiful!

On the way back to the U.S.- Seeing the "ghost-like" clouds over the HUGE Pacific Ocean. They really were neat if you know what I'm even talking about. Plus, the ocean is so gorgeous from above. 

Typing this post was wonderful and all, but Captain Jason and Coco now need to take off. [:




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