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Friday, April 16, 2010

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I haven't been posting anything lately due to the fact that I wanted to keep my research post the first one on my blog so that participants could easily access it. Nonetheless, never again will I be conducting research through my blog unless it is absolutely necessary, because everyone was mad lazy. Even if they did participate, they neglected to read the damn rules. I will say, however, there were a few people who helped me greatly, especially this nice woman named Lee Ann and her family, who I met through my lost obsession with facebook apps.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share with you guys a very useful post from the blog/blogger of Vex in the City. Click HERE in order to read it. It is related to a guest post that I wrote and that will be going up soon on Vegan Beauty Review. [:

Also, speaking of GUEST BLOGGING. Anyone need a guest blogger or would like to guest blog here? If so, please comment on this post or contact me through twitter (username: coco_tai)

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