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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Today marks the ONE YEAR and ONE DAY anniversary of hubby and me!<3 I did not get a chance to fabricate a blog entry yesterday since we were busy and I went back home for an evening.

However, since I know hubby reads my blog, here is a little message I will now write for him, and only him. (Although, since it's here I guess anyone with internet connection can really read it, right?)

Anyway...Here it is:

To the cutest yellow teddy bear that was born with Mexican penguin hair:

From logging on a lame facebook app to waking up in your warm, muscle-y (is their a word for that? I don't not know, but I sure made one) arms, I would do anything just to see your face or hear you speak. I cannot believe that I have found a guy that will let me be just who I am, allow me to bitch nonstop (although I really do try not to), and still be able to tell me that he loves me at the end of the day. We have already been through so much turmoil and so many events that couples our age have not. I hope you realize that, because I do, and it makes me realize that you're the only one who could have pulled me out of the deepest, scariest of problems that I have managed to get myself into. Also, without you, I would probably be living somewhere I feel unsafe and alone, failing classes, and I'd be lost but not able to cry out "wo milu le" to you. (not only because I wouldn't have you to cry to, but because I would not know that Chinese without you.) Nonetheless, I may often be great with words. However, I'd rather walk through the times we've had together by means of photography.

Please enjoy, my true love. <3

Always and FOREVER (muahahahha hehe),

Your Baby Coco

From the very first dates...

...I felt extremely safe and comfortable in your arms.

For some reason, being with you felt different. I always tell you that you are the perfect partner, one that women long for. I know that you tend not to believe this, but more than ever, I want you to trust me...because I am a woman, which means I know things. [:

For example, you like to run errands and shop with me. You never bitch and moan like most men. I like that..a lot.

Also, you actually had fun dying hair with me. How did we even turn a box of dye into a date? haha.

I may hate to put on makeup and make myself pretty all of the time. However, when I do, I love to go to our favorite places, taking pictures and making as many memories as we possibly can. There are days when I take everything from having parents that care that I go to college (my parents weren't lucky enough to have that opportunity) to even your gorgeous smile (which we all know is the first thing everyone notices about you and the last thing they forget) for granted. Nonetheless, there are moments in my life that force me to stop and think a little harder. During those moments, I think about things like "What will I do if you die first?", "What if I die first? Will you find someone else?", "What will I do without you now that I am so attached and in love?" These thoughts make me realize I need to refrain from hiding my thoughts, but yet, portray them in ways that are not hurtful...because the last thing I want to do is hurt you.

(Hubby and I after 3D "My Bloody Valentine") and (Hubby at Panera...our favorite place to eat!)

Over this past year, we have become closer than I thought I'd ever be able to become to a person.
We do everything together...go to the bathroom, shower, workout, eat, drink, etc...everything a person usually does alone we do together.

I really love trips to the Chinese store with my hubby, because there is so much he can tell me about and teach me while we're there. I could listen to him go on for hours about Taiwan...well actually, about anything. Sometimes, at night, I ask him questions about Taiwan just to listen to him talk. To me, his voice is a lullaby.

He is the most genuine guy I know. I complain so often and I feel terrible that I do so, because hubby has such a stressful life, yet he never takes his anger or anxiety out on anyway, just keeps smiling, beautifully. 
He may not realize it, but Hubby has helped me out in so many ways. He supported me at my high school graduation through the pouring rain when my family didn't, he agreed to be my prom date before we even barely knew one another, he even got me my license by sitting through my painful driving.

Hubby was so sweet, driving an hour to visit me at least weekly. Finally, the summer came around and we could see one another more often. Hubby has never been to a nice U.S. beach, and he had to crazy idea for us to go. I never thought we would be able to, but hubby made it happen.
We took so many photos and living alone, just us two, in a nice hotel felt so amazing, very liberating in fact.

Packing was fun like usual. I don't know why but packing is always so fun for me. We packed A LOT! Hubby's motto was "It's better to be prepared than to forget something important." Which was very true!
Hubby really liked the room...and we both LOVED the EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE BED!
hehe we were pretty sure we were the only hotel room with a rice cooker [:
We of course went mini golfing. The place had a neat jungle-like theme. We had fun with the fake animals. hehe

(my mom sure loved this photo. hehe. I made her soooo proud [: )

Conclusively, we have fights...

...get sad...
...But we always make up [: and making up is always fun...always makes me feel like our relationship has been strengthened...kinda like when you work out: you first tear the muscle, then it heals, making it bigger and stronger than it was before you started


It makes me extremely happy to openly display our love. This world would be mad nice and yet so crazy if everyone was in love like we are.

...and sadly, without you, I would have yet to have bubble life would be so incomplete in an infinite amount of ways...

You make me feel so happy and free...
However, you are always there, watching me, standing behind me, arms out, just in case I fall or slip up.
Perhaps, one day we will mate like these flies on your car.
...but until then, we can stick to making fun of 'Engrish' in our own home. [:

...and being super
                                                                          "Hard Gay"!



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