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Thursday, June 11, 2009

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SO, lately, photos have been building like no other. As usual, I'll post some.

These are from Jason's and my trip to Wegman's:

Here I am, entertaining myself with his camera.
Again. I did this almost the whole car ride.
I thought this was quite nifty. Obviously, I added the "woof woof". However, it would be rather neat if the van made barking noises when it honked.
During our trip, we (and by 'we', I mean 'I') put Jason's Garmin in different languages. There are even british and australian accents! However, the Garmin needs updated. So when I was interpreting the Spanish, it kept repeating "recalculando"...Until we turned it off and just went by instinct. hahaha
Oh! By the way, I now like Smart Water better than even Fuji water. I know, Coco, it's just water! How the f*ck can you taste the difference. Shut up! I can. Okay?
Hehe. We did this at a red light. [:
This also. Jason commented "How do we get to places safely anyway?"
Lookie. He's still smiling for the picture while he's driving. [:
And during our trips, I make Jason play Jay Chou and Coco Lee OVER AND OVER again[:

Like this song...(sorry I couldn't abtain the embed version of the MV)

"Di da di...di da di...di da di da di..."

However, While we're on this subject, here are some other MVs that I'm currently in love with:


倖田來未×misono / It's all Love!

Eww. I had this marmalade today and it tasted like I straight up was drinking pine sol. It was some three fruit stuff and it was soooo sour. NOT A FAN. Wow. Am I truly European? haha.

This is the exact marmalade by the way. YUCKY!:

Well, I did have this marvelous chocolate though. I would recomend it to the world. mmm!

Ok. I need to get ready for work now. (cleaning sweaty tanning beds and scheduling appointments for rude, inconsiderate customers. blahh!)
Oh one more thing! That reminds me!!!! I visited a multitude of salons in the city I will be attending college to check them out, because I cannot go four years without year round tanning. Nevertheless, I found this AH-MAZING tanning salon. It's very secluded, has a cute russian receptionist lady, and does not appear to be the busiest. Oh yeah, and their packages are cheaper than ours. However, there is an enrollment fee, but I'll get over that, I suppose.


Jay Tai said...

I have to say the trip to Wegmans was fun and we'll have to go there again, maybe more OFTEN :)

Coco Tai said...

hehe I agree. WEGMANS WOO!

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