Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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So Lately I have not been blogging. However, Here is a quick post about one of my facial cleansing routines.

First, I use soap from China called Bee & Flower.
Then, I use one of my many Befine natural microdermabrasion-type cleansers. (one for face and one for lips)
 Lastly, after my face is completely rinsed and free of all soaps, I apply Jason Super-C facial toner to keep my skin fresh, yet not dry. 

By the way, none of these are photoshopped and I'm completely
makeup-free at all times. I don't need you comments on my
horrible skin. However, believe me, my pores and blackheads
used to be much worse.

I decided to post close-ups of my skin after this routine to show that it really does work. Nonetheless, my complexion is far from perfect and I still have mad discoloration and scarring.

Shiny and clean. Yay me! Now, you try![:


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